Centralized Remote Connectivity for State & Local Government

Does your team have instant connectivity to all the critical services necessary to run
state or local government services from any device or location?

Learn how centralised remote IT connectivity from TeamViewer helps you manage
and maintain all these critical services without additional staff or infrastructure.

From libraries to public transport, TeamViewer Tensor, a cloud-based enterprise
connectivity platform, can access and control servers, POS machines, digital
signage, and edge devices across any government jurisdiction.

Download the free report to see how TeamViewer Tensor:

  • Supports the full ecosystem of state and local government services with
    remote connectivity.
  • Drastically reduces downtime and travel costs, allowing government teams
    to devote onsite visits to only the most critical issues.
  • Gives employees full remote access to their work desktop, network, files
    and government applications, right from their mobile devices or laptops.
  • Complies with the highest security standards and offers robust protection for
    constituents, employees, and infrastructure.

With single sign on, easy licence management, conditional access control, user
lifecycle management and auditability, TeamViewer Tensor is your platform to
access, control, manage, monitor and support any device in your state or local

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